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About NetFoos

The goal of is to benefit local foosball communities throughout the world. We strive to provide useful tools and resources that can generate enthusiasm at the local level with the hope that this will benefit the sport of foosball as a whole.

Tournament Management Software

The defining feature of NetFoos is our online statistical reporting and tournament management software. This service is available for free to every tournament director from anywhere to help them to run foosball tournaments of any size. When tournament directors use NetFoos, their tournament and player statistics can be viewed in real time from all around the world. This is not just simple charts and matches in progress. Our software can also show things like money winning leaders, player profiles, head to head reports, winning percentages, and more.

Local Foosball Forums

Another notable service we offer is the local foosball forums which give tournament directors and players the ability to discuss topics specific to their local community within an online forum dedicated to their community.

Sponsorship T-shirts

Over the past couple of years we have gained exposure for us and our advertisers with our sponsorship t-shirts. We create exciting shirts with the sponsor logos and distribute the shirts in a multitude of ways to our player base. The players really enjoy wearing these shirts.

Streaming Video

Our latest approach with tremendous potential to give us and our advertisers more exposure is working with Inside Foos to bring the foosball community streaming video of tournament matches.

Sponsorship Opportunities

All services we offer provide opportunities for sponsors to be featured in front of our large, rapidly growing, and enthusiastic audience.

Partnership Opportunities

In addition to all the creative things we can do with sponsorships, we are also open to partnering on projects that leverage our skills and resources.

About Mark and Grant was founded by the two Winker brothers, Mark and Grant. Both of the Winker brothers make their living on the Internet and enjoy utilizing their skills to continue to develop their favorite project,

Mark and Grant are around the semi-pro level in foosball but have aspirations of improving their game to the professional level. Stop by and say hello if you see us at a tournament.


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