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NetFoos is packed with many exciting features for running tournaments, viewing results in real time via the Internet, statistical reports for players such as money winning leaders, winning percentage leaders, head to head reports and much more. Below are some links to some of the main features for South Florida Foosball's NetFoos account -- You can use the same system for your local group as well! Click here to sign up for FREE.

Account Home Page - Post information about your tournament dates, times and photos as well as any other information regarding your foosball group.
Money Winning Leaders - Statistical reports are automatically generated as tournament data is entered into the system (see "Tournament Data Entry Admin Screen Shots" link below). This report shows the total winnings and average winnings per event for each of the players in the group.
Winning Percentage Leaders - Report shows the total winning percentage and total wins for each of the players in the group.
Player Stats Page - Main page listing all players to view their stats, clicking the player's name on this page displays the "Player Profile" link listed below.
Player Profile - Summary report for players include statistics summary, links to individual reports such as head to head comparisons, tournament summaries and tournament details.
Player Tournament Summary - Lists player's finishing results for all the events in which they have participated.
Player Tournament Details - Lists player's matches, who they played, match results and finishing position for all the events in which they have participated.
Player Head to Head Report - Graphical display of how the player has matched up against his/her opponents. Includes total wins/losses as well as winning percentage comparison.
16 Team Chart - Real time bracket showing the current, completed or pending matches (with table numbers on active matches). People can follow the live results by viewing these charts during the events, also these charts are archived and viewable online after the events (Currently the system allows up to 64 Team Charts).
Event Progress Chart - Table form of current event standings, pending matches and current matches (with table numbers on active matches). Perfect for quickly following event results online while not at the event as well as for use at the event for players to locate their playing locations.
Event Results Summary - Table form of historical event results.
Tournament Summary - Main page summarizing the selected tournament that showcases all events with links to view their current/historical data.
Local Group Online Forum - A great place for your local group to discuss your local foosball topics in your own online forum (see "Sign Up Links" section below).
Tournament Data Entry Admin Screen Shots - Enter historical tournament data and/or use the system to run real time events which can be followed live on the Internet (see "Sign Up Links" section below). Entering data into the system automatically generates the reports listed above.

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