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Live Webcast From Las Vegas Hall of Fame Classic

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Postby Mark on Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:01 pm

Webcasting from Las Vegas starts tonight at 8pm local time (11pm eastern) with a free 1 hour intro broadcast. After that, the remaining weekend of live Inside Foos webcasts will be $19.95. You'll get the play by play of "fooscaster" Jim Stevens, along with the insights of guest commentators like Tom Yore, Rob Atha, Tony Spredeman and others.

Click link below for the free intro broadcast (starts Thursday night 8pm local Las Vegas time, 11pm eastern).

Click link below for full weekend viewing (starts Thursday night 9pm local Las Vegas time, 12 midnight eastern).

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Postby tomjenkinsjr on Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:29 pm

The coverage of the matches shown was fantastic as usual. The more one listens to Jim the more in tune with his brand of humor we become.

I would however like to take a moment to discuss coverage from the patrons point of view.

I know there are many matches in the pits. Some take place simultaneously. I would like to see more matches. They don't all have to be attended by Jim, or any announcer for that matter. Just tape them and play them between live matches.

We pay to watch these matches because life sometimes gets in the way and we cant get to the tournaments or we are just unable to compete at a high enough level any longer. These are the same reasons millions sit and watch hours of football, basketball and baseball. Look at the numbers that sat glued to the TV watching Curling. A sport most of us have no idea how to even score the game.

So for me to continue to pay for the streaming, I would have to be assured that I would see more matches. Believe it not I just want to watch Foosball being played. I would watch any Open, Semi, Goalie wars, men's or women's event.

I would also suggest that paying viewers also receive a set of discs at no or deeply reduced pricing.
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