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Postby Mark on Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:09 am

Tonight we are testing the new server (see original post ). For those of you who wish to help here are some of the basic instructions to help us. Please note that this is a testing process and there will likely be problems with the service and our goal is to find them and then eliminate them.

Step 1 - I will try to be communicating with the testers via the new Chat. Be sure you are logged in to your forum account (i.e. are logged in to post here). This way you should be automatically logged into the chat when visiting chat pages (or try logging in at the chat pages at NOTE: Internet Explorer has some issues that we are working on correcting on -- IE users can visit the chat directly at the link below (which seems to work) or use Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome browsers.

Step 2 - We are going to be testing both the "high resolution" and "free" streams. If your Internet connection is good enough to stream both the high resolution and free streams it would be great if you could have two browser windows open, each running one of the streams.

Step 3 - We are trying to do initial load tests on the streaming software and server. If all goes well with the first two steps I will be posting instructions on how we will proceed with this.

Thanks very much for your help with this!

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