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Tornado Strom 2 "tune up"

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Postby rickynu on Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:28 am

So I recently bought a tornado storm 2 for a great price. I am trying it out, and the play seems a little "rough". Is there a way if I can tell if it nees new bearings or new rods? The players. field, and cabinet are in great shape. The rods seem like thick-walled hollow steel. Is there any way i can "repolish" the rods (super high grit snading or steel wool), and maybe replace the bearings to make it feel really slick like new? Or do I need to replace the rods and bearings altogether to make it fell new? If I need to replace the rods, anyone hae a good source for good quality parts 9and bearings for that matter)?

Lastly, presumably I need to stick with the old-style snap-in bearing as opposed to the new split bearings?
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