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Texas State!!!

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Postby Foos,inc on Fri May 15, 2015 4:45 pm

We are 1 week away and looking forward to seeing everyone there!

This is a good time to remind everyone of our 2014 Texas State Champions:
Open Doubles: Ryan Moore/Justin Shaw
Open Singles: Tony Spredeman
Open Mixed: Todd Loffredo/Kristin Grogan
Women's Open Doubles: Christina Fuchs/Liz Hill
Women's Singles: Deliza Baumbach
Senior Doubles: David Vick/Todd Loffredo
Senior Singles: David Vick
Junior Doubles: Christian Blackburn/Michael Le
Junior Singles: Michael Le
Pro Doubles: Tom Goff/Paul Renken
Pro Singles: Daniel Colter
Expert Doubles: Cecil Sanchez/Scott Blackburn
Expert Singles: Tommy Ackerman
Amateur Doubles: Abdullah Alzayani/Deliza Baumbach
Amateur Singles: Abdullah Alzayani
Rookie Doubles: Xavier Contreras/Marcos Ramirez
Rookie Singles: Jech Bryce
Beginner Doubles: Dallas Collister/Nathan Carlson
Beginner Singles: Xavier Contreras
Friday DYP: Tony Spredeman/ Pete Juarez
Pro/Am: Chad Buckley/Liem Le
Main St. DYP: Dustin Bowen/Christian Ewing
Master Buy Your Partner: Ryan Moore/Terry Rettke
1 Ball: HP Perkins

2014 Legend Inducties:
Roger Rodriguez
Tony Martinez
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