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Whippersnappers $800 + New Hampshire 8/25 Results

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Postby Northeastfoos on Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:24 pm

Whippersnappers $800 + New Hampshire Worlds Warm ups Sat. August 25th

1ST Place - Stan Palowski & Chris Wiebe
2nd Place - Roger Demers & Mark Albarelli
3rd Place - Brian Dube & Rob Marchinkowski

Open Singles
1st Place - Stan Stanley Palowski
2nd Place - Roger Demers
3rd Place - Brian Dube

Expert/Amateur Doubles
1st Place- Stan Palowski & Nancy Papas
2nd Place - Roger Demers & Dave Adams
3rd Place- Brian Dube & Victor McGuiness

Amateur Singles
1st Place - Dave Adams Cash and Trophy
2nd Place - Rob Scanlon Cash & Trophy
3rd Place - John Welch

Great turnout with some awesome foos'n

Stan Palowski- (3) 1st Place finishes
Roger Demers- (3) 2nd Place Finishes
Brian Dube- (3) 3rd Place Finishes

I would recommend that if you are an Amateur player to get in contact with these 3 guys as soon as possible for the next Ex/Am event!!

Thank you to everyone who turned out especially to the players from Vermont who took the time to come all the way down and to all of our locals for such a good day of foos and fun!

We will be holding another $800+ on Oct. 13th 2012 The flier will be out next week with the events to be held

*NO OPEN SINGLES THIS TIME AROUND* as it really slowed the schedule down too much.
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