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Postby andsyd on Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:30 pm

I know everyone wants to promote tourneys, but how about just promoting the game (ok ok sport). What can be done? How about some lame brain idea slingin', just throw alot out there and see what sticks to the wall. Alright i'll start.
-Where do we find new fresh foosball meat? Arcades are dead so young teens are out. I have heard suggestions of introducing tables to high schools, but how many school officials working for the gov't are gonna risk promoting a game played almost exclusively in pool halls and bars? Don't see it happening. But there is hope. College dorms are an ideal alternative, making sure every dorm in town has one means you can still get them at a very influential age of 18. Craigslist is a great way to provide them with free or really cheap tables. Who gives a shit what kind of table it is as long as they are playing and a poster of the National and World tour hangs on the wall next to it, illuminating to those dreamy eyed freshman of the gobs of money and glory to be had, by being able to put the little ball in the goal. Easy money, baby.

How about these independent promoters of $250,000 National tours (Iol) making sure every foosball table, no matter what brand, sold to an American family has a poster with it. When unpcking that fucker the thing that falls out is the possibility of fame and fortune on the pro foosball tour.

For local pomoters. How about hiring a hot little 18 yr old, take a couple of weeks and train her how play a little and give her a part time job to go around to your locations and play foosball. I guarantee it would be money well spent.

Guys like Paul Azinger are saying it ought to be an Olympic sport and to egg head executives of multi-million and billion dollar internet corporations it is a must play. I am sure smarter people than me can somehow take advantage of this in a promotional capacity. Don't they have to have tax write-offs?

Well, the buzz is wearing off so that's it for me. We got got a little shit on the wall anyway.
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Postby lilgreg on Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:14 pm

It is almost impossible to find a table anywhere unless some hole in the wall bar has a few tables. Note the bar, the problem is kids have already found something to occupy there time by the time their 13.. We have missed the window on a lot of good talent by the time their 15. I would like to see more county recreational centers for kids and made some church leagues playing the game. There's a lot of good kids out there that might be one of the next great foos champions. Good luck in your quest.
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