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Postby Heelshot on Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:16 pm

Big thanks goes out to Victor for getting the ball going and bigger thanks for Harry being Orlando's new TD. Great job Harry had a lot of fun. Great seeing some old faces like Tim Williams. Eric and Rich thanks for makeing the drive out from tampa hope to see you more. Eric would haved stayed longer and played pick up games but had plans with daughter to go to universal for the day. Was there at 9AM.
Jamie great playing partner you were very soild. Hope you start playing again.

Again thanks to Harry you are going to do a great job.
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Postby orlandofooser on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:11 am

Wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the tournament on Friday. It looked like everyone had a good time, even I had fun getting two scooped. I will work on getting the chart posted later on today. Great playing everyone! I hope to see everyone again this week.
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