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Postby Choike2 on Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:36 pm

ITSF: Rule 18.3 "A ball which has gone dead is considered out of play (see rule 8 ). The ball may be freely touched once permission has been granted by the official, or if no official is present, by the opposing team.
ITSF: Rule 8.3 "In the goalie area, if the ball is spinning in place but out of reach of any player figure it is not considered a dead ball and time limits shall be suspended until the ball either moves within reach or goes dead. Now, if it goes dead and is in the goalie area, we go right back to rule 18.3.
Recently in Atlanta, Greg Childress and Ron Hardin were called on this rule. The ball was awarded to the other team. This argument and subsequent discussion has recently come up twice in Gulf Coast foosball and now we are posting it for discussion here on NetFoos for some feedback. The Ft. Walton foosball club believes that if the ball goes dead in the back of the goalie box, you must make an effort to put a man on it and retrieve it. If you cannot touch it with any part of your goalie, then you ask the other team for an evaluation and if they agree that it is dead and out of reach, you simply reach down and grab it and put it back into play. Is this copesetic? 8)
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Postby lilgreg on Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:05 pm

Agree , if the ball goes dead between the two and three. Your allowed to put the ball back in play and it doesn't leave his position... so if it is between the hole and his man how is that any different. Tap the table top with the ball and put in back into play. Sounds to me like some poo going on !!!!!!
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Postby deadbarfoos on Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:11 pm

it is legal to reserve the ball (in goal area) if the ball is hanging on the edge of the goal not in contact of the goalie man

if the ball is barely IN CONTACT of the goalie man & close to the goal edge ,,you must try to gain control of the ball (dig it out of the goal with the man,,,) but it can always fall in and score the point for the opp. team ,good option to take is to let time expire and award it to the opp, team to serve on the 5 (save a point ,but lose the possession)
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Postby lilgreg on Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:39 pm

This is true, he must try to get the ball and yes he can let the clock run out and loose the ball to the other team, but if you let the clock run out on your self thats not real smart. When u get a free reset why wound you wont to give up the ball to the other team. hello you might wont to I dont know mabe pass or hey mabe give your team a hand and score one. LOL :P
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