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Postby This Week In Foosball on Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:03 pm

We would like to announce the host location for the 2012 Houston City Championships Dave & Busters! :D
If you've ever been to Dave & Busters, then you know that this is a GREAT location for this event!

Located in the Marq*E Entrtainment Center on I-10, this place has it all!
We will have our own private bar, buffet, restrooms and outside balcony for smoking. I can't imangine someone not being excited and impressed with this place! :D

We will also be raising money for Texas Equuisearch and they will be coming out with their horses, 4-wheelers, RV, motorcycle and more!

We'll be sending out press releases to all the local news & radio stations and hopefully we can get foosball some much needed media attention with this event.
I'll have hotel info soon as well, trying to negotiate a deal for everyone to help save y'all some money.

Hope to see everyone there! :D
This Week In Foosball
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