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2010 NC State Foosball Championship Results

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Postby Alan Cribbs on Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:18 am

(2010) the 36th Annual NC State Foosball Championships Results
Over $2500.00 in Cash and Prizes & Trophies Awarded
Break Time Billiards & Grill, Wilmington, NC
Registered Players 75
States/Countries Represented, VA, SC, NC, MD, FL, TN, MS, Canada
Designated Charity -Brigade Boys and Girls Club of Wilmington

Novice Doubles
1st Tom Heath (NC) – Jimmy Nicholson (SC)
2nd Bobby Brown (SC) – Jacob Harley (SC)
3rd Doug Wood. (SC) – Mitch Wingate (FL)
4th Ryan Winslow (NC) – Trey Lee (NC)

Novice Singles
1st Trey Lee (NC)
2nd Nelson Nye, Jr. (SC)
3rd Doozy Rowell (SC)
4th Mark Beal (NC)

Draw Your Partner
1st Laurent Paquin-Marcotte (Canada) – Jacob Harley (SC)
2nd Fuji Alberts (NC) – Larry Caulder (SC)
3rd Pat Ryan (MD) – Cristina Lovell (NC)
4th Jim Corbett (SC) – Doug Wood (SC)

Open Doubles
1st Fuji Alberts (NC) - Bruce Nardoci (NC)
2nd Remy Lemerre (Canada) – Laurent Paquin-Marcotte (Canada)3rd Jim Parris (NC) – Danny LaVoun (VA)
4th Jim Waterman (MD) – Pat Ryan (MD)
5th/6th Bryan Jones (NC) – Mike Giles (NC)
5th/6th Daniel Colter (MS) - Tom Heath (NC)
7th/8th Daniel Benatar (Canada) - Justin Bonneau (Canada)
7th/8th Tim Yates (NC) – Jacob Harley (SC)

Expert Doubles
1st Jim Corbett (SC) – Mark Anderson (NC)
2nd Carl Dill (NC) – Mark Beal (NC)
3rd Remy Lemerre (Canada) – Justin Bonneau (Canada)
4th Daniel Benatar (Canada) – Alan Cribbs (NC)

Expert Singles
1st Daniel Benatar (Canada)
2nd Remy Lemerre (Canada)
3rd Billy Atkisson (NC)
4th Daniel Colter (MS)

Open Singles
1st Bruce Nardoci (NC)
2nd Laurent Paquin-Marcotte (Canada)
3rd Fuji Alberts (NC)
4th Daniel Benatar (Canada)
5th/6th Remy Lemerre (Canada)
5th/6th Mark Anderson (NC)
7th/8th Daniel Colter (MS)
7th/8th Justin Bonneau (Canada)

Senior Singles
1st Jim Parris (NC)
2nd Bruce Nardoci (NC)
3rd Nelson Nye Jr. (SC)

Mixed Doubles
1st Tim Yates (NC) – Rebecca Terry (SC)
2nd Cristina Lovell (NC) – Fuji Alberts (NC)
3rd Melanie Maerz (NC) – Robert Yates, Jr.(NC)
4th Deborah Cox (NC) – Jim Parris (NC)

Women’s Singles
1st Rebecca Terry (SC)
2nd Susan Hasty (NC)

Women’s Doubles
1st Joy Steward (TN) – Jan Maynard (TN)
2nd Rebecca Terry (SC) – Cristina Lovell (NC)

Can/Am Doubles
1st Remy Lemerre (Canada) – Jim Parris (NC)
2nd Daniel Benatar (Canada) – Fuji Alberts (NC)
3rd Laurent Paquin-Marcotte (Canada) – Alan Cribbs (NC)
4th Justin Bonneau (Canada) – Bruce Nardoci (NC)

Player of the Year: Mr. Robert Yates Jr.
Bonzini U.S.A. Excellence Award: Mr. Jim Corbett

This was an awesome event. We were able to raise over $1750.00 for the Boys and Girls Club even with the golf tournament cancelled. Bruce Nardoci acheived a state title record for 5 consecutive decades. We had a great turnout of great players. No officials were called during the weekend. I'll try to get some pictiures posted as soon as possible. I'll see everyone at hte 2010 SC State Foosball Championships November 12th and 13th in Columbia, SC.

Alan Cribbs
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Postby danesmono on Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:13 am

No Sam Crocket? anyone heard from him?

Ben Davis
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Postby Alan Cribbs on Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:14 am

Sam update.

I heard he's got a girl friend now.
End of foosball career :lol:
Alan Cribbs
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Postby danesmono on Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:55 pm

Sam? Girlfriend? wow!!!
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Postby Tyler Foos on Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:44 pm

Yeah, and he needs a ref for that too...LOL.

Tyler Foos
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Postby jkhFoos on Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:47 pm

Bruce!!!!! :D
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