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Warrior ITSF Master Series Video Recap!

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Postby hungry on Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:02 pm

Hey champs, we had a successful tournament this past weekend, Warrior soccer throws the most fun tournaments ever! This is not a spam. Here's some recap of the Palm springs tournament checkout this video let me know what you think:

Results of the 15k Warrior International
Congratulations to all the winners

Warrior Open H/C DYP
1st Pat Hudson/Scott Faucher
2nd Anthony Licon/Gina Davis
3rd Jason Haberman/Marcus Mondragon
4th John Crawford/Phil Peros

Warrior Open H/C DYP 2nd chance
1st Michael Bridgman/Kelly Wyant
2nd Floyd Kika/Brian Salke
3rd Steve Mohs/Amalie Bremer
4th Craig Plank/William Hughes

ITSF Open Doubles
1st Dan Sloan/Dan Tyvol
2nd Brendan Flaherty/Steve Mohs
3rd William Haberman/Jason Haberman
4th Ezequiel Cervantes/Mohammed Uddin

Open Singles
1st Steve Mohs
2nd Michael Stahl
3rd Ezequiel Cervantes
4th Phil Peros

No Pro Doubles
1st Jason Haberman/William Haberman
2nd Gina Davis/Jim Runnion
3rd Pat Hudson/Brian Salke
4th Kyle Moss/Floyd Kika

Open Mixed
1st Christina Fuchs/Mike Bridgman
2nd Vivian Park/Greg Perrie
3rd Rissa Salke/Brian Salke
4th Kathy Nethery/Jim Runnion

Women’s Doubles
1st Christina Fuchs/Amalie Bremer
2nd Vivian Park/Gina Davis
3rd Sheri Chapman/Kathy Nethery
4th Kelly Wyant/Nancy Haberman

Women’s Singles
1st Amalie Bremer
2nd Christina Fuchs
3rd Kathy Nethery
4th Victoria Doyle

2nd Chance Open Doubles DYP
1st Michael Stahl/William Hughes
2nd Paul Renken/Jeff Minnig
3rd Art Mariano/Michael Mendoza
4th Jim Runnion/Gina Davis
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