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Postby hughsfoos on Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:17 am

Hey ! I want to thank all of the foosers who came out for the JTSPA Open and helped us support the Hubbard House! We raised $1400 for Charity, a bit shy of my goal but it will be appreciated nonetheless. I hope everyone made it home without any trouble.

I want to thank all of our wonderful sponsors, there is a Sponsor Recognition page in the works for our site. Please check it out and give some of them your business where it's possible and desirable. Obviously, we hope no one has to give their business to the hospital, but if you are forced to take a ride on the Trauma-One helicopter, remember that you're in great hands!

The Open was a relative success. We had a few hiccups along the way but still got our events completed. Fortunately Kevin, the owner of UBC, let us play Saturday night until we were done with our events. Unfortunately, that took us until 6:30 am on Sunday morning!

We had a total of 36 participants, with 26 entering Open Singles! The event finished barely in the black, with the JTSPA pretty much breaking even on our expenses.

In case anyone didn't notice, Tom Yore swept all five events he entered! Matt Hogan said Tom only lost two matches all weekend! Tom, Great job and thanks for bringing me along on one of those rides!

Kevin Kubala, our host and owner of University Billiard Club, won the Beginner Singles and played right along with us in most of the events!

There were many other impressive performances at the Open. Matt Hogan, Greg Platt, Dave Tracy, Jason Lurie, Al Esterson and Hugh Wintin all placed 4th or better at least three times each! Seven players took about half of the Top-4 placements that were available! No wonder we had so many conflicts slowing us down!

It seemed like most everyone had a good time in J-ville. The competition was terrific and the participants were mostly great sports and made our event into a great time!

For our participants in the JTSPA Open Golf Event, we didn't have many players but we had a blast at the Country Club of Orange Park! The weather was perfect and the course was in great condition! Our Host, Brian Rogers, and his staff did a great job making sure we had a wonderful time! Kevin Kubala was the big winner, taking half of our competitive holes, one closest-to-the-pin hole and one long-drive hole. Ernie Parker from the Shands/Jax Trauma-One team took the other longest-drive hole and Steve Guthrie, an RN in the Shands/Jax Emergency Dept took the other closest-to-the-pin hole.

If any of our participants had any problems related to the Open that I can help or answer, just send me a Private Message and I'll get beck to you ASAP.

Now, for those of you too lazy to check the tourney results:

Open Singles
1. Tom Yore
2.Matt Hogan
3.Greg Platt
4. Dave Tracy

Beginner Singles
1.Kevin Kubala
2.Alex Jasper
3.Carray Young
4.David Dean

Handicapped DYP
1.Hugh Wintin + Tom Yore
2.Greg Platt + Jason Lurie
3.Mark Askey + Jason Sands
4.Dave Tracy + Bill Parry

Open Doubles
1.Tom Yore + Matt Hogan
2.Greg Platt + Jason Lurie
3.Al Esterson + Ray Maddux
4.Hugh Wintin + Dave Tracy

Rookie Doubles
1.Jason Sands + David Stroud
2.Hugh Wintin + Dave Tracy
3.Ben Davis + Andre Young
4.Dave English + Jimmy Kirby

Handicapped BYP
1.Tom Yore + Matt Hogan
2.Ray Maddux + Greg Platt
3.Al Esterson +Armando Herrera
4.Jason Lurie + Midori Kimura

Open DYP
1.Carray Young + Tom Yore
2.Chris Carson + Armando Herrera
3.James Kerlin + David Dean
4.Al Esterson + Alex Jasper

I hope everyone will be back next year when we expand the JTSPA Open into a three-day tournament with a $3000 payout! We'll definitely be adding Semi-Pro or Expert Doubles and Beginner Doubles, and possibly a Limited Doubles. Adding more singles events will depend on us getting a few more tables and working out some scheduling kinks. The Open DYP will definitely become a Last-Chance DYP, with winners of previous events excluded. The Handicapped BYP may be dropped to make room for Pro Doubles or a No-Pro DYP. For any beginners thinking about next year, Kevin and some of the other top finishers in the Beginner Division will be moving to the Rookie/Amateur Division for local events!

Thanks again to all of our participants and sponsors!

Hugh Wintin
JTSPA President
USTSF State Co-Director, Florida
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